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80's music, a different world, alas babylon, alfred hitchcock, alias, angel, another world, arcade fire, battlestar galactica, being human, bones, broken bells, buffy the vampire slayer, caprica, cary grant, castle, community, david sedaris, dead like me, dolly parton, dune, eureka, extras, firefly, florence and the machine, frank herbert, fringe, hannibal, harry potter, jag, jane austen, l.m. montgomery, leverage, lois & clark, lord of the rings, lost, madonna, marvin gaye, moonlight, moonlighting, muse, musicals, myrna loy, nina simone, northern exposure, now & again, odyssey 5, once & again, orphan black, otis redding, out of sight, party down, philippa carr, placebo, prince, profiler, psych, quantum leap, raise the red lantern, raising hope, ray lamontagne, remington steele, roar, robbie williams, roberta flack, rosemary clooney, roswell, santa barbara soap opera, scarecrow and mrs. king, sleigh bells, sports night, star trek, star trek movies, star trek: tng, sting, the beach boys, the closer, the fall, the gilmore girls, the lone gunmen, the nanny, the police, the princess bride, the quiet man, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, the west wing, the x-files, tina dico, tolkien, tom petty, touching evil (us version), travis, true blood, van morrison, veronica mars, victoria holt, walter jackson, wonderfalls, zero 7
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